Born: January 1, 2002
Arrived: August 4, 2003
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The Asian Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) can be found in Southern Asia, India, China, Korea and the Soviet Far East. Can also be found on the islands of Sumatra, Philippines, Taiwan, Borneo, Bali and Java. Also known as the Javan Cat, Wagati Cat, Chinese Cat or "Money Cat".
Their build is similar to a normal domestic cat, but with somewhat longer legs and a longer back. They have a relatively small head with a short narrow muzzle, large eyes and a thick tail of about 11-14 inches in length. Their body length varies between 23-32 inches and they weigh between 7-15 pounds.
Their beautiful markings have been their downfall attracting attention of the fur trade; very striking and show some variation between individuals. Not considered to be in imminent danger of extinction however deforestation, farming and soil erosion all remain threats to the wild cat population
Solitary and nocturnal they prefer brush and forest in their habitat. They make dens in hollow trees, small caves or under large roots. They often live near water and are accomplished swimmers and fishers.
In spite of their size, these animals do not make good pets. They are solitary and reclusive and do not like humans to handle them. They are carnivores hunters and could represent a threat to children and other pets.
Asian Leopard Cats are being bred with domestic cats; the fourth generation from the wild and beyond can be considered a domestic animal and is called a Bengal rather than an Asian Leopard Cat Hybrid.
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