Born: June, 2015
Arrived: January 14, 2016
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Born: 2001
Arrived: October 14, 2004
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The cougar is known also as a puma or a mountain lion. The cougar is the only large cat in the Americas. The range is from the Canadian Yukon to the tip of South America. The cougar can live up to 15,000 feet in the Andes Desert although they can also live in forests and swamps.
The cougar is active both day and night. They are very shy. The have several vocalizations including a chirp, a peep, a whistle and a scream. They have large hind quarters which make them excellent jumpers.
Cougars weigh from 80-200 pounds and have the power to take down a deer and an adult male elk. They kill by leaping on the backs of their prey and breaking the neck by pulling it back. They cover their kills to hide from bears and other predators.
To mark their territory cougars make piles of dirt and pine needles called scrapes. There are about 5,000 cougars in California and only about 30 in Florida.
If you meet a cougar in the wild do not run, they will chase you and consider you prey. The key is to make yourself look larger by raising your hands over you head and make a lot of noise. If you have children with you pick them up and put them on your shoulders, tell them also to raise their hands an make a lot of noise.
The gestation period is 90-96 days and the average litter is 3-4 cubs.
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