Born: February 17, 1999
Arrived: May 25, 2002
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Born: September 2000
Arrived: November 19, 2001
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Servals have the largest ears and longest legs in relation so the size of their body of any other cat. They use their legs to leap for prey instead of running. A serval can leap 6-8 feet in the air to catch a bird. One serval at Shambala was even seen to leap up and catch a bat in mid-flight. Servals stand about 2-3 feet and their tails are about a foot long. They range from 18-40 pounds. They have the ability to purr although our handlers have only heard the females purr when they are in heat.
The serval has excellent hearing and hunts by sound. They eat mainly hares, ground squirrels, hyraxes and mole rats. They will also prey on frogs, snakes, lizards, insects, fish and birds.
Their main predators are hyenas, leopards, dogs and man. Even though their size make them seem to be a good choice for a house pet. They cannot be domesticated and have been known to kill other cats and dogs.
Their gestation period is about 75 days. Litters range in size from 1-3 kittens.
Photos by  Bill Dow  2018 The Roar Foundation
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