This program is available for guests under the age of 18. For all other events all visitors to the Shambala Preserve must be 18 years or older, no exceptions.
With our Partners in Education Program, we have hosted, among others, the Girl Scouts, Boy scouts, as well as classes from the Saugus School District, Sulphur Springs School District, Hart District, as well as private schools and home school groups

At Shambala, we have a very special educational program! Whether you have a school or church group, girl or boy scout troop, or special needs kids, there are wonderful lessons to be learned. Our trained professional staff will conduct a walking tour of the preserve that is home to captive-born wild animals. As the lions roar and the tigers chuff, the students will get a first-hand lesson as to the history of these beautiful creatures. Their questions will be answered and they will meet a variety of exotic cats, such as African lions, tigers, leopards, servals, and mountain lions.

The school classes may even have the opportunity to adopt their own lion, tiger, or serval through our "Adopt A Wild One" program. For a monthly donation, a school class may help support the animal of their choice. In this way, the students can experience the joy of knowing that they are helping support the life of a very special feline friend.

An educational booklet will be provided for each child and there is a gift shop where the kids can purchase a wonderful memory of their day at Shambala. Very often, after visiting the Preserve, they say "thank you" by sending in drawings of their favorite animal and writing of the lessons they've learned.

Admission: $10 per student/youth and $25 per adult
Minimum age: 8 years old
Maximum group size: 30 people
Tours are scheduled Tuesdays at 1:00 PM.

Please call 661-268-0380 if you have any questions and/or to make arrangements to bring your group.

The lessons may be different for adults, but the education that Shambala provides for them is just as important as it is for the children. Adults too have the same opportunity as the kids to see and hear what it is like to have a close encounter with one of the "wild ones" who will live out their lives in dignity at the preserve.

Adults may take advantage of our scheduled weekend "safaris." This three- hour program takes place once a month, and begins with an introduction to the history of the preserve. Very often, Shambala's "den mother," actress Tippi Hedren will talk about animal issues, tell stories about the Wild Ones, good, bad and frightening, and explain the reason it is so necessary for legislation to stop the breeding of these animals. Then you set off, led by one of the wonderful volunteers of Shambala, to greet each of our "wild ones" personally and hear their stories. The guests will realize the need for such a sanctuary as Shambala, and understand why it's so important to help support the care of the animals. We hope the experience of the adults will become the lessons they take home to the children. It is also our hope that the adults too may want to "Adopt a Wild One," and find out how they can become a Member of The Roar Foundation.

The adults will also learn of the legislative needs that would ban the illegal ownership of exotic cats. They will also become aware of the "Captive Wildlife Safety Act," passed by President Bush in December, 2004, due, in great part, to the tireless efforts of Tippi Hedren and The Roar Foundation. This bill prevents the transport of these exotic cats over state lines and emphasizes why it is so important that these beautiful creatures never become a family "pet."
For people of all ages, there is the chance to learn about the lives of the "wild ones" of Shambala, and with that knowledge comes an opportunity to understand why it is so important that we all care for these animals. To support the care of a mountain lion with a lifetime muscle disability from cat fever as a cub, or a rambunctious tiger named Mendhi, will not only make a difference in the lives of the animals, but will enrich the lives of those who visit them. Everyone will leave with a lasting memory and respect for all beings.. animal and human.
Photos by  Bill Dow  2017 The Roar Foundation
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