This exciting event begins one hour prior to the Sunset Safari, with a greeting from the Shambala Staff, at which time you will be given bottles of a cold refreshing drink and your bags will be taken to the tent. Then you will join the Sunset Safari tour to meet the magnificent residents. Our staff photographer, Bill Dow, will follow along in order to record this wonderful day for you.

After the party, there will be time to relax in the tent before you are served dessert, at which time you will be joined by your gracious hostess, Tippi Hedren* and Shambala director Chris Gallucci.

After dessert you take a late night safari to say goodnight to the Wild Ones and ask them to please roar all night long! Then it is back to the tent to drift off to sleep while listening to the mesmerizing sounds of the lions roaring and the mystical sounds of other wildlife that surrounds you...

You awaken in the morning to the roar of the lions and the voices of other wildlife on the preserve. You will believe you are really in Africa! Muffins, fruit, and juice will be on the veranda for your breakfast, and you can shower while watching the tiger or lion who lives in a compound close by, and they can watch you!

One last look around at the spectacular animals and surroundings and then it will be time for your departure. We truly hope you will have had a marvelous time and that you will want to visit us again soon.


The cost for this unique event is a donation of $3,000. Malaika Marquee available only during the summer months during our Sunset Safaris. Please call (661) 268-0380 to schedule your memory of a lifetime!

*schedule permitting
Photos by  Bill Dow  2017 The Roar Foundation
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