All visitors to the Shambala Preserve must be 18 years or older, no exceptions.

Parent's Day is one special day each month when you get to come and have the exclusive privilege of visiting your "Wild One". Parent's Day is reserved just for our adoptive parents as a way to get to get to spend some time with their Wild One.

Parent's Day is currently held the first Saturday of the month and is reserved for our Parent's who are at least 18 years of age or older. We are sorry but you may not bring your children under age 18 or pets to visit on Parent's Day.

Each of the Wild Ones is given a special femur bone or a smaller bone for our petite exotic cats. This is a treat that the Wild Ones receive only on Parent's Day and it is something they look forward to all month. Here is where you will see the true characteristics of each animal. Some become very aggressive over their bones, while others dunk them in the water and play with them. You also get to see our animal caretakers' athletic skills as they toss these huge bones over the fence. No matter what, Parent's Day is an experience that shouldn't be missed!

Parents can also speak to the Shambala animal crew who will be happy to tell you about the characteristics of the species and the individual personality traits of your special animal.

Please remember to pack a picnic lunch; when all the bones are distributed, you may retire to the lake and eat in the company of the other Wild Parents.

If you are not a Wild One Parent and would like to join us on Parent's Day, please Adopt a Wild One today!

For more information about the Adopt a Wild One program or Parent's Day please email Christine Link.


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