When you choose to adopt one of our "Wild Ones", your contribution helps support the vital work we do in providing a wonderfully safe haven for animals who have previously been abused, abandoned, or forced into acting careers, etc.

Our Adopt-A-Wild One program is a very unique experience. As an adoptive parent you will have the exclusive privilege of visiting your "Wild One" on Parent's Day, currently the first Saturday of the month. "Wild Parents" will follow the animal crew as they walk the preserve and watch as the wild ones get a femur bone, thrown over the fence (for the very low cost of $10 each). You will delight in seeing your animal enjoy this delicious treat! You may bring a picnic lunch and after the animals get their bones, go to Lake Shambala to eat and enjoy the company of the other adoptive parents.

Although this day is exclusively set-aside for the “Wild Parents,” you will have the privilege of bringing two guests with you per year, so you will be able to show off your “Wild One!

The first step in joining the distinctive group of Adoptive Parents is to choose your "Wild One". After your third monthly payment you will receive an 8"x10" photo of your "Wild One", and a Certificate of Adoption signed by Tippi Hedren. When you visit on Parent's Day a member of the Shambala animal crew will be happy to tell you about the characteristics of the species and the individual personality traits of your special animal.

Please consider adopting one of our exceptional "Wild Ones". The cost is so small and the rewards are immeasurable. For more information contact our Adoption Coordinators.

Note: The adoption program is separate from Membership. You do not automatically become a Member when you adopt. For more information about Membership please contact our Membership Coordinators.

Donation Schedule
Lion or Tiger = 12 monthly donations of $75.00 (or one annual donation of $900.00)
All others (smaller cats, below) = 12 monthly donations of $50.00 (or one annual donation of $600.00)

You many complete our Adoption form and mail or fax it to our office or you may pay online using the PayPal links available on each Wild One's page that can be accessed from the links below.

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