Name: Sabu
Birthdate: November 20, 1998
Former Home: Neverland Ranch, Los Olivos, CA
Shambala Arrival Date: May 4, 2006
Den Mates: None
$75 Monthly Adoption Fee
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$900 One-Year Adoption Fee
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$900 Recurring Annual Adoption Fee
If Gift, Name & Address?
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When Michael Jackson decided to close his zoo at his Neverland Valley Ranch in Los Olivos, California and place his animals at other facilities, he consulted with his animals’ long time zoological Veterinarian, Dr. Martin Dinnes and asked him which Sanctuary would make the best home for his tigers, “Thriller” and “Sabu”. A quality facility was Jackson’s priority. Dr. Dinnes took little time in suggesting The Roar Foundation’s Shambala Preserve.

In common with all the other animals Shambala takes in, which now total 70 non-domestic felines including leopards, lions, other tigers, servals, cheetah, mountain lions. These tigers from Neverland came with no endowment for their future care. Acceptance of these beautiful animals by The Shambala Preserve could not be taken lightly as it costs a great deal of money to properly care for them the rest of their lives. The lifetime commitment for these animals is over 20 years, therefore taking in these 7 year old tigers is more than a 13 year commitment. In any case, sadly, it is rare that support money comes with any of these animals.

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